Becoming a DASA Member

Recognition for Quality and Expertise

The DASA logo stands as an assurance to consumers and clients that your standards are up to those set in our Code of Practise. There DASA logo is already recognised as a stamp of quality and reliable, reputable service and we aim to increase consumer awareness as we go forward. DASA members can take full advantage of the benefits of displaying the DASA logo and it can be used as an excellent marketing tool to promote your business.

Technical Support and Updates

We are currently working with manufacturers to provide a current and updated contact database and technical forum which will give valuable help for anything from identifying a spare part to reading a fault code. Sharing technical knowledge with others has always been the most preferred approach and to utilise the vast depth of knowledge and experience within the industry the Association has created a technical forum as part of the DASA website.

Making You More Profitable

The DASA website generates thousands of hits each week which lead to valuable chargeable work enquiries and new customers. Members can personally update their company profile on the DASA website according to the services they provide.

Application Process

There is a vetting procedure through which all applicants must pass. DASA only wants quality firms that can demonstrate compliance with its Code of Practice and Quality Criteria. Normally, applicants have had to be trading for three years but this is reduced to two years where a recognised Agency is held. The Council usually accepts organisations whose applications are supported in writing by a manufacturer or an established existing member. Other applications are investigated on an individual basis. The Membership Committee makes the final decision in every case. There is a grade of Provisional Membership for applicants who are newly established. Manufacturers and other interested organisations may become Associate Members of DASA.

What To Do Next

If you feel you can meet these standards and you want to join an Association of quality service organisations, why not start here and now.

Download and complete the Membership Application Form.

Please complete the form in full and post it to our office with a cheque to cover the non-refundable application fee of £29.38 (inc VAT). The vetting process will then begin.

Please contact us for assistance with your application.


Complaints about members are investigated. Those who do not keep up the standards can be expelled by the Council.


Fees are decided annually by the members themselves. The present fee scales are below. All fees must be paid promptly on request in accordance with the DASA Constitution, which is binding on all members.
Membership Type Price
Standard (service companies) £140 + VAT
Associate (Manufacturers, Spares etc) £175 + VAT