Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Mobile Phone Security

mobile security

Only two months into 2017 and already 13 million people have had personal information compromised. Attackers breached 15 companies in February alone. Among them, the biggest names included popular music festival Coachella, restaurant chain Arby’s, and the InterContinental Hotel Group.

When financial information is in question, it’s important that data breach victims monitor their bank accounts and credit cards for fraudulent activity. Contact your bank or credit provider if you see anything that looks odd.

A number of providers offer FREE antivirus apps shuch as AVG and Lookout and their will be others.

I have been triling Lookout and found it very good with no loss of speed. The basic version is free or upgrade to premium for £20 py. It also alows you to locate your device, lock it, scream and back up.

Definatly worth a look.