Tumble dryer firm Indesit admits 750 fires have been caused by its faulty appliances over the last 11 years

Italy's Indesit sold millions of the affected tumble dryers across Europe. At least two people suffered smoke inhalation, and a third was burnt. Many more families had to run for their lives, and a number of pets died. Owners will have to wait up to five weeks to hear if their machines are safe.

For further information, read here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3337071/Tumble-dryer-firm-Indesit-admits-750-fires-caused-faulty-appliances-11-years.html

Indesit Company have published details to two websites: https://safety.hotpoint.eu/ + https://safety.indesit.eu/

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The chairman, officers and council of the Domestic Appliance Service Association would like to extend our deepest sympathy to the family of the late Jim Watt formerly of the Loudon group Glasgow. Jim was a very active member of DASA, ever present recruiting and promoting the association before his retirement. Jim will be sorely missed by all his industry colleagues.

DASA's 2015 Trade Show will be held on Thursday 1st October 2015. The location is the Meriden Manor Hotel in Solihull.

Following a very successful Council Meeting on the 3rd April at the Aston Hotel Rotherham. The date has been set for the next meeting to be held on the 10th July 2014 also at the Aston Hotel.

Any member wishing to come along to a meeting or get more involved with the running of the Association please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

DASA are proud to announce it has secured a Promotional arrangement with EEESafe to allow its members to be found from any searches on the EEESafe website for Appliance Technicians. This is an opportunity for additional business for DASA Members and will remain in place until the next Council Meeting where it will be reviewed. The majority of our Members have worked with many Manufacturers over the years and consequently will have a stronger product knowledge that separates us from the rise of competition from the Reuse and Recycling Sectors.

EEESafe has become a Council Member of DASA and they will in represent DASA at agreed events that benefit our members, particularly when it involves Reuse and Recycling initiatives or Government consultations.

We've long sought to professionalise our sector with a Competent Persons Scheme similar to Gas Safe, and we believe EEESafe can provide that register for those who are willing to be accountable to a 3rd Party, be assessed and easily recognised by consumers. By submitting evidence of your own Appliance Repair experience and willingness to be publicly accountable to EEESafe, consumers can differentiate you from many Reuse organisations who currently supply reuse and repairs of products from an unregulated source.

As a Competent Persons Scheme, we heartily recommend EEESafe to DASA Members and advise them to secure their EEESafe Registration Cards as soon as possible. Similar to Gas Safe, consumers should easily recognise the Brand and model, but EEESafe also are recruiting Centres in the UK where local customers will be encouraged to donate older appliances when they make purchases of new appliances. The Brand not only represents Safe Repairs from a proven Competence network, it supports supply of older appliances for local communities for those unable to purchase new ones. We believe that this could be an opportunity for more repair work for our Members and for those who want used appliances to increase their revenue streams. If you follow the EEESafe Guidance, on this you won't require a T11 as you won't be treating waste.

Optional opportunities exist for those who want to run EEESafe Centres and receive more appliances for repair and sales, passed on by donations offered to EEESafe. The future for the sector and Training Opportunities that could supply apprentices lies with EEESafe and its Partnership with Graham Dixon of Dixon Training. Already a Pilot site is shortly to commence in London, which after completion will see more Training Centres registering throughout the UK, delivering a Qualification fit for purpose and geared to our industry.
EEESafe will be at The Event on the DASA Stand and therefore available for more information. Take a Mock Test at the show and win yourself a great prize. Meanwhile visit the website for more information www.eeesafe.com

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