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The next meeting for DASA (Domestic Appliance Service Assotiation) will be held on the Fri 21st July 2017, 11am Mercure Shefield Parkway, Britannia Way, Rotherham, S60 5BD

All members are welcome and if you wish to bring a guest please do so.

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let us know how many place are required. 

Refreshments and lunch will be provided.


“Tried-and-tested cooking methods paired with cutting-edge slider control” has now been realised thanks to V-ZUG’s brand new glass Gas Hob, available to UK retailers as from 1st May 2017.

Another first for the electrical kitchen retail industry, V-ZUG is the only company on the market to offer a new hob with state-of-the-art multi-slider control: a simple, direct and ergonomic solution for controlling individual cooking zones with high-grade performance. Impressively powerful, this new Gas Hob by V-ZUG is equipped with a range of four technologically advanced gas burners, which are:

Power-Wok burner: a large, powerful gas burner ideal for cooking authentic Asian style dishes (like stir fry) quickly and efficiently (output 6.8kW)
High-speed burner: a surge of extra power for rapid boiling / searing (output 3kW)
Standard burner: open design to give direct heat and a professional look (output 1.75kW)
Eco burner: designed to use 30% less energy, saving on time and money (output 1 kW)

Each burner can be controlled independently, designed with an array of practical functions for the modern homeowner to experience uncomplicated cooking and a healthier, happier lifestyle. Its intuitive design allows for small and large pans to be placed on the cooker top regardless of size and the highly proficient gas flame produced by V-ZUG efficiently heats the pan quickly and evenly.

All gas hobs by V-ZUG are stand-alone, meaning absolutely no need for additional cooker units. Plus being DualDesign, the homeowner is able to choose between a top-mounted or flush fit hob installation for the height of design and flexibility.

New functions
Multi-slider: a simple and ergonomic solution for controlling individual cooking zones
Melt Function: maintains a temperature of between 40 °C - 60 °C via an automatic burner setting, ideal for melting butter, gelatin, sauces and chocolate
Keep-warm Function: provides a constant temperature of approx. 65 °C, perfect if your guests are running late!
Simmer Function: a constant temperature of between 70 °C - 90 °C, which prevents food like sausages, dumplings or poached eggs from cooking disproportionately / excessively
Operating Modes:
- Pause button to break from cooking, yet maintain temperature
- Wipe protection to easy clean, with no disruption to the control panel
- Zone-connection to combine multiple zones for larger pans
- Automatic Boost function for rapid heating

Speaking on behalf of V-ZUG, Sales Director UK & Ireland, Rhys Evans comments “LivingKitchen 2017 saw the international unveiling of V-ZUG’s new Gas Hobs with premium style and controllability. Duly, reports from the show were extremely positive and to have this authentication when launching to the UK retailer is a great endorsement for the V-ZUG brand and portfolio.”

V-ZUG’s new Gas Hob with Multi-slider control is priced from £2,150+vat. For further information about V-ZUG’s products and stockists, please call 0843 289 5759 or visit www.vzug.com

Gas Safe logo

New research reveals almost five million people are putting themselves at risk of employing an illegal gas worker, by not checking their engineer's Gas Safe ID card.

65% of illegal gas work inspected by our investigations team were unsafe. One in five gas appliances were so dangerous, they had to be disconnected immediately. Unsafe gas work can cause carbon monoxide poisoning, gas leaks, fires and even explosions.

Matt Allwright, consumer rights champion, said:
“...too many people are letting illegal gas fitters into their home and putting their families at risk. It is vital that people don’t just trust a friendly face but make sure fitters are Gas Safe registered and qualified to work in their property, as the consequences of an unsafe gas appliance can be fatal.”

Gas Hotspots in Britain

You can find out how dangerous your postcode area is at StayGasSafe.co.uk.

Don’t become a victim of illegal gas work; follow our top tips:

Trust the Triangle: only employ a qualified Gas Safe registered engineer when having gas work carried out in your home. Find a registered engineer in your area GasSafeRegister.co.uk

Check the engineer is qualified for the work you need doing. You can find this out via our website and on the back of the engineer's ID card.

Know the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning; headaches, nausea, breathlessness, collapse, dizziness and loss of consciousness.

If you smell gas or think there might be a gas leak, call the free 24-hour national gas emergency number immediately on 0800 111 999.

If you suspect that someone is an illegal fitter or are worried about gas work carried out in your home, please contact us.

mobile security

Only two months into 2017 and already 13 million people have had personal information compromised. Attackers breached 15 companies in February alone. Among them, the biggest names included popular music festival Coachella, restaurant chain Arby’s, and the InterContinental Hotel Group.

When financial information is in question, it’s important that data breach victims monitor their bank accounts and credit cards for fraudulent activity. Contact your bank or credit provider if you see anything that looks odd.

A number of providers offer FREE antivirus apps shuch as AVG and Lookout and their will be others.

I have been triling Lookout and found it very good with no loss of speed. The basic version is free or upgrade to premium for £20 py. It also alows you to locate your device, lock it, scream and back up.

Definatly worth a look.

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Hot off the press is an updated version of the Recycling Guidelines, which includes new clarity around whether to include black plastics in your 'not recycled' list. We've listened to your comments on this and hope that these new guidelines will help you to make your communications clearer. Read on to find out more.

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Hoover Wizard

An interesting video from Hoover on their connected range of appliances.


Watch Video


The next quartley meeting will be held on 4th May 2017 at Mercure Sheffield Parkway Hotel, Britannia Way, Catcliffe, Rotherham, S60 5BD at 10am

All members are welcome to attend and if you have any items you would like on the agenda please e-mail them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

John Roberts, the founder of Bolton-based online domestic appliances company AO World, has stepped aside as chief executive to allow its chief operating officer Steve Caunce to take over the role.Roberts, 43, set up the £600m turnover business in 2000 and retains a 26% stake. His new role will be as founder and executive director.Caunce, who holds a 12% share, will lead the company as chief executive, accountable for strategy performance and delivery, while Roberts will focus on innovation and inspiring AO’s staff


A spear-phishing attack could bring your company to its knees today. For all you know, you may already be under attack. That could result in a data breach that lands your company in the glare of the news cameras and in hot water with your customers, partners and investors.

The article is a helpful reminder that your employees often make life easier for attackers by being the weakest link in your network defences.

Social media is a rich hunting ground for hackers. Names, locations, photos, interests, connections, partnerships, vacation details, email addresses and phone numbers this is often the information that hackers use to target specific employees through well-crafted, highly personalised emails.

Download report here Mimecast Report download

Whirlpool has collaborated with Amazon to launch several new voice-controlled appliances that are set to be unveiled at CES in Las Vegas (January 5-8).

The smart appliances will launch across the brands portfolio in early 2017 and will feature voice capabilities through Alexa-enabled devices, such as the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot.

Using voice commands, users will be able to make changes to appliances such as adjusting the temperature of the oven or changing a wash cycle. Whirlpool said the aim is to simplify and improve consumers’ busy lives.

“As we continue to explore innovative solutions, we always want to do so with consumers’ habits and needs in mind,” said Brett Dibkey, vice-president of Integrated Business Units at Whirlpool Corporation. “As demand for a smart-home ecosystem grows, consumers are looking for a wide variety of new ways to interact with their appliances, whether it’s on-product, digitally with an app, or through voice control.”

Director of Amazon Alexa, Rob Pulciani, said: “Now any customer with a far-field Alexa enabled device can control most smart appliances made by Whirlpool Corporation, simply using their voice. Our customers will love the added convenience of hands-free controls while they’re prepping for dinner or finishing that last load of laundry.”

The news expands on Whirlpool’s relationship with Amazon, which currently features Amazon Dash Replenishment in laundry and kitchen products. ‘Early this year’, Whirlpool plans to expand this capability to more appliance models across its portfolio range.

“We’re eager to continue working with Amazon as it is a leader in e-commerce and automated replenishment, as well as voice control,” Mr Dibkey added. “The capabilities this relationship brings to our portfolio of appliances reinforces Whirlpool Corporation’s commitment to purposeful innovation.”

Whirlpool’s Smart Kitchen Suite unveiled at CES also includes Scan-to-Cook technology on its built-in oven range and microwave, Assisted Cooking and Control from Anywhere – which allows users to start, pause, stop and adjust the temperature and cook time for the oven from anywhere in the home.


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