For the first time ever, invitations to the Showcase will be extended to potential new members. If you have retail affiliations this may be worth a visit.

The member-only Showcase has a record number of suppliers who have invested significantly in the Showcase to maximise the experience for CIH members and Euronics agents. The suppliers extend across a breadth of product categories including white goods, brown goods, small domestic appliances and vacuum cleaners. In addition, suppliers that offer a range of services to CIH members will also attend the 2019 Showcase.

This provides the opportunity for members to meet with suppliers, familiarise themselves with the latest products and see the new product launches, while taking advantage of the raft of manufacturers’ promotions.

“It is an excellent opportunity to meet and engage with our suppliers and manufacturers who will be offering extended range opportunities. 

For more information you can call Mike Perrett on 01264 320500.